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Infectious – John’s Cancer Battle

‘The The’ sang “Infect me with your love”. Unfortunately my infection is a little less loving, though hopefully not too serious.

Yesterday I was looking forward to a day in the hills with friends. I was fine in the morning, wandering around town and generally doing stuff. In the afternoon we walked over to The Wharf, one of our favourite pubs, in the hope hop trying a rather interesting looking imperial IPA from local brewery Redwillow. As it turns out we walked there and back in light rain without sampling the ale as it wasn’t on yet. When I returned I sat in the lounge and started shivering, felt a bit feverish and nauseous and was eventually ill. The same pattern recurred a little later, friends had just arrived and I rushed past them in the hall to rush up to the bathroom. I checked my temperature, which was a little high but not too bad.

Later in the evening I felt worse and checked my temperature again to find it was a feverish 38.9. I ended up seeing a GP in A&E who did a blood test and worked really hard on trying to unravel what might be happening. Two causes seem most probable, a urinary tract infection which matches the symptoms quite well and a more serious infection of my stent that seems less likely. I’m on antibiotics now and feeling a lot better today. The GP contacted the Christie to let them know what had happened, my consultant will be told and I suspect will want to see me, test me or just talk to me next week. Another minor cliffhanger to end with…

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