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The man in a chair

Here as promised is a selfie of me sitting in my chair. It’s also another quote, a musical one this time. “Like a man in a chair who believes it’s beyond him to walk”. As a hint it’s from a song by a 70’s band named after a piece of scientific equipment that makes your hair stand on end.

It’s been a good week or so, walks in the peak district on successive Sundays with ECOG (East Cheshire Outdoor Group, my walking buddies). Both quite different, the first I led in Cheedale past the rushing flooded river whilst last Sunday we were climbing Gun Hill on a lovely frosty morning. I had my second session yesterday with no ill effects at all, next week is chemo free with a meeting with my consultant on Thursday, so there more be more to report then. I’ve checked that my chemo is available at my local hospital in Macc, I’ll be asking if I can have future rounds there.

Just a quickie this time (oh-er Mrs), be typing at you.


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