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Leaky pipe

I’ve now had my third session of chemo. No real problems other than a leaky cannula. That, however, can be serious as the only place they want the chemo to go is into my vein. Getting it on my skin is bad, but I spotted it and got help quickly so they got my arm washed off. Luckily I didn’t get it on my clothes as they would have thrown them away and sent me home in a hospital gown. Even worse would be getting it under my skin, not good news.

Ironically I was listening to a song called Aqua Vitae at the time, literally ‘water of life’ but more generally ‘strong distilled wine’. Powerful water isn’t far off, and is somewhat appropriate in this case.

Still no side effects and my consultant was pleased with progress last week so it’s going pretty well so far. I won’t really get a significant progress report until after cycle 8, at three weeks per cycle that will be sometime in May next year. That’s when they do another CT scan and work how effectively the treatment is working based on the effect on the tumour: growth is bad, no growth is good, shrinkage is great. That will be a significant milestone in my journey into the unknown.

The only bad news is that I can’t transfer to Macc hospital for my chemo, they don’t do my one yet. They keep adding more so fingers crossed.

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