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Dinosaur DJs on the rampage: £350 profit to Beat:Cancer

Every August bank holiday weekend a dedicated group of alternative music fans meet at the University of Bradford for Infest Music Festival. Infest brings bands and DJs from over the world covering genres including industrial, EBM, futurepop, synthpop and rhythmic noise.

This year Infest festival booked a somewhat different act: Karkausarus. Comprising of DJ?s Kark and Peewee the Cosmic, Hardcore London & Xtreme residents are a dynanic b2b2 DJ duo who wear terrible costumes, bring silly high-octane tunes and treat life as fun adventure it is. They closed this year?s festival by playing a mammoth 2 and an hour DJ set to a packed room, alongside giant inflatable dancing-dinos and a full-on light show – after staging a dino-themed take over of the day, successfully encouraging festival goers to don dino themed outfits – from full inflatable suits to outfits made from 3D printed fossils!

The buzz online after was crazy ? so they asked the organisers for permission to produce custom ?Dino T-shirts? . The dino-mite duo ended up selling 51 T-shirts totalling £350 in profit; which they donated to Cancer Support Yorkshire, a local Bradford based charity selected by Infest and their fundraising partner Beat:Cancer. .

As amazing as this figure is on it?s own, that £350 was on top of the good natured generosity of the crowd, who had already raised an enormous £3595.34 at the festival itself; by baking cakes, buying music and a being “persuaded” to buy a special sponsored drink from a squad of debatably dressed nurses guarded by a 6 foot tall T-Rex.

If you like things a little alternative from the mainstream, please don?t hesitate to check out Infest festival 2020. They are a really friendly crowd and welcome anyone new to the scene. Before that though Karkasaurus return to the Hard Dance scene in London as part of Cosmic Hard Dance In Aid Of Beat:Cancer on Saturday 22 February at Nambucca on Holloway Road.

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