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CT scan result

Another quick post with more good news. I had my second CT scan at the Christie on Monday and got the results today, which show that the tumour is shrinking, which backs up the results from the blood tests. It doesn’t mean it will be killed, but this is what we were hoping for to give me the longest time of being healthy and active. The scan did show a slight enlargement of the lymph glands near the liver but my consultant isn’t too worried about those, it could be a result of them expanding to deal with the deal cells coming off the tumour.

Less good but not a big deal is that the scan shows a small pulmonary embolism, e.g. a blood clot in my lung. I’ve been prescribed blood thining injections and am likely to remain on these going forward to prevent more forming. The clot is not seen as a real problem, they just don’t want larger clots forming. I’m going to have to get used to injecting myself in the stomach every day, but that isn’t a big deal really. I do get to have my own hazardous waste tub to put the used syringes in.

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