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My Bed

This is where I’m sleeping at the moment. It’s a deckchair with a thin duvet on top of it as I find that more comfortable than trying to lie down which always kicks my pain off big time.

I have now had my CT scan, although the outcome was not as clear as I had hoped. There are a couple of small occlusions at the other end of my liver from my tumour, which may be cancerous or may be due to a buildup of bile. Given my stomach pain, still ongoing after two months now, my consultant thinks the most likely cause is bile backing up in the liver due to a partial blockage of the exit from my stomach.

I see this as good news as it provides a path to sorting out these stomach problems, which are having a very negative effect on my quality of life. The plan is to go into the Christie next week for a minor operation to clear the blockage, something they do by endoscopy. From all I have heard that is not a pleasant experience, but if it gets rid of my pain it will be well worth it.

The next step is to have another scan  to see the effect and then have my review, so the light at the end of the tunnel may yet turn out to be a train coming the other way but I’m hopeful it isn’t.

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