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Chaos Emergency Doof Broadcast Network raises over £2000 for Beat:Cancer & MIND

Chaos Emergency Doof Broadcast Network started in March 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown so that DJs Lee Chaos and Duracell Bunny could continue to cause mayhem on the decks despite being in lockdown 130 miles apart. It began as a radio show but soon mutated into a hybrid of mobile disco, TV channel and audience participation game show.

The broadcast airs every Thursday, and on occasional Saturdays which have included an alternative Eurovision, the presenter’s favourite pop videos and  a trawl through the scarier corners of the internet. During one 12-hour television broadcast, the presenters idly commented that since they had so much fun running a VJ show for 12 hours, maybe one day they could get together and do a non-stop 24 hour show. Both being made of stubborn stuff, Duracell Bunny and Lee Chaos then set about plotting & scheming how to make this happen, and on 25th July embarked on this foolish venture.

Over 24 hours, ChaosBunny played a staggeringly eclectic range of music including Hardstyle, Drum & Bass, Nightcore, Gabba, Donk, Futurepop, Industrial, Electroswing, 80’s and their own brand of Doof, with the final hour seeing them undertake a challenge to mix the Vengaboys into literally every song whilst dropping airhorns liberally over the mix and attacking each other with squeaky rubber chickens. It was exactly as stupid as it sounds, and yet this Herculean task raised over £2000 for Beat:Cancer and MIND during the show. Worryingly, the duo were last seen cackling from sleep deprivation and planning something even more stupid for their next venure…

The Chaos Emergency Doof Broadcast Network goes live every Thursday from 7.15pm at https://www.twitch.tv/lee_chaos and previous shows can be heard at http://doof.org.uk/

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