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No surprises

No picture this time as I couldn’t think of one to match the title.

I have had a new scan and met my Consultant again. The cancer has spread a little, including a couple of spots on my lungs. I am going to start a new chemo regimen for which I will need a Hickman Line, a connection on my upper torso to take the chemo into a vein that leads to the heart, instead of through my arms. I’ll be going into hospital for that to be fitted on Thursday, it goes in under local anaesthetic and I should go home the same day.

My predicted survival taking this chemo remains unchanged at something like six months plus from now, although the minimum could be less if things go badly. We are also looking into a trial that I have a 10% or so chance of being suitable for that could give me up to two years. This is all similar to my original prognosis back in October last year.

I have also been struggling with fluid retention giving me a decidedly pregnant look and quite a bit of discomfort, but I’m on some drugs now that are clearing it quite well, I just hope that continues.

Overall I feel a little down, I had hoped for a better prognosis given how well the first round of chemo went, but these things are never that predictable.

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