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26 weeks in a lockdown is getting…. weird. Rum has been and gone and been again, radio birthed a video star, extra time birthed 18 hours of madness… which in turn birthed the promise of another 24 hours of utter Doof carnage for charity!

But for now, behold… DoofMerchTM!

The money raised by DoofMerchTM will be split 50/50 between Beat:Cancer and M.I.N.D!

We’ve got FIVE different designs for you; on the front of all five stands the CEDBN logo, and on the rear are one of 5 of our favourite dooftastic slogans in a variety of colours (final design confirmation will be published on Saturday’s DOOF TV show!) :

  2. Oh no… How terrible…
  3. NEVER do the MATHS
  4. We are here for a GOOD time, not an ACCURATE time
  5. HONK if you want to go FASTER

All 5 are available as unisex and ladies front logo and rear slogan print T-shirts!

doof merch

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All profits will be split 50/50 between Beat:Cancer and M.I.N.D!

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Don’t forget about Karkasaurus, GRRRadio and Duracell Bunny –  We’ve got a boatload of kickass designs in the Other Store HERE

What’s more, when you order from either store and we’ll give you free delivery to order from the other store!

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