Beat:Cancer Preorder Merch

If anyone has enjoyed any of our shows since lockdown and would like to support us then we will be taking donations and preorders for new dino-gasmic merch; which will be split 50 / 50 between Beat:Cancer & Karkasaurus.

The money raised by Karkasaurus will go to help fund a UK tour in 2021. We are hoping you’ll come together and support us as next year we really want try and get around the UK (and further afield?) to perform live for as many of you as possible (and maybe bring friends?) – whether it be big clubs or small ones we want to ruin your local for you –  and we’ll use these appearances to raise even MORE money for Beat:Cancer (#raffletime)

We’ve got FOUR different designs for you:

  1. The “Sekrit Karkasaurus Design” below
  2. The “Karkasaurus Kawaii” print whipped up by awesome artist Rhea Preece
  3. The rainbow-tastic GRRRadio design below; celebrating the teams efforts over lockdown
  4. Last but not least the long awaited Duracell Bunny design below!

All three are available as unisex and ladies front print T-shirts and unisex zip hoodies with the design on the right breast and full size on the rear!

Beat:Cancer Preorder Merch
Sekrit Design // GRRRadio // Duracell Bunny
Karkasaurus Kawaii T-Shirt
Karkasaurus Kawaii

Pre-order your merch

Once we have hit the minimum order we will process all the items in one go.

All Payments are via Stripe and secured via 256bit encryption.


Don’t forget BOUT THE DOOF –  We’ve got 5 kickass Doof designs in the DoofMerch store HERE

What’s more, when you order from either store and we’ll give you free delivery to order from the other store!

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