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There is a Zen teaching that if you meet God on the road, you must kill him.

“Kill God Ascend” is the 5th full-length album from Australian electro-industrial band SHIV-R. What the killing of God means to each listener will be a unique and personal revelation. In a world full of gatekeepers and figureheads whose only interest in you is to tell you what to do, illusions will need to be shed and those who profess to have all the answers will need to be confronted.

While not offering any answers, SHIV-R’s newest release comes with a statement courtesy of the album’s 6th track, “Empire”:

“I’m on my own path. Get the fuck out of my way.”

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releases June 18, 2021

Music for all songs by Pete Crane and Ben Bulig, except Borne From Hate and Empire
Music for Borne From Hate and Empire by Pete Crane
All lyrics by Pete Crane
Mixed by Pete Crane
Mastered by Ben Bulig
Artwork by Natalie Shau
Layout and graphic design by Juan Espinosa

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