About Beat:Cancer

What is Beat:Cancer?

Beat:Cancer is a charity formed to help fight cancer through funding research, treatment, screening and care using electronic music: We release music, run club nights, host gigs and organise festivals to raise money, which we then grant to worthy institutions such as hospices, research centres and treatment wards.

We are a registered UK Charity (number 1169212) run entirely by unpaid volunteers who are passionate about using great music to save lives.

Since forming  in 2012 with the humble beginnings of a small Halloween fundraiser in Peterborough and 100 copies of Beat:Cancer v1 we have produced CD, cassette and digital compilations, totaling 9 CDs of cancer kicking music: all donated by fantastic artists around the world. Our releases are the perfect take home companion to the festivals, club-nights and gigs we run across the UK. Starting  Beat:Cancer has found a home in the hearts of fans, allowing us to host artists such as Memmaker, The Gothsicles, ESA, Freakangel, Modulate and Neonsol.

What’s it all for?

The profits from all our work goes to carefully selected not for profit benefactors:

  • Research centres that fit with our ethical beliefs and are pushing science to it’s limits to improve screening, treatment and hopefully create cures.
  • Care and treatment centres that really deserve and need every penny they can get to give suffers the best quality of life and chance of survival possible.

Who are we?

We are all in this because this cause matters to us personally, as it sadly does to so many people around the world; cancer is a disease that touches far too many families. This balances with our love and passion for the music we use in our fight against cancer: various members of our team are in bands, are DJs and promote other events across the UK. Most importantly we all give our time for free, effectively running second jobs to do the best we can for you the fans, and for the worthy benefactors we support.

We are lucky enough to be partnered with AnalogueTrash Records, and this year are looking forward to working with Digital World Audio and the acclaimed Infest Festival; we consider ourselves a part of the industrial and alt electronic community and strive to keep that at the core of our fundraising.

What can you do?

If you want to join the fight you can sign up to our mailing list, contact us.. or of course buy some of our great music and event tickets!

Keep up with our progress on social media via facebook, twitter and instagram.


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