Beat:Cancer Music Compilations

We’ve so far released 6 critically acclaimed compilations of new and exclusive material, spanning 11 discs and the entire breadth of the electronic music world. On top of the signature Beat:Cancer compilations we have begun releasing albums, singles and EPs as B:C Records, including D.E.P feat. MiXE1’s “Continuum” and the brand new Karkasaurus remix of E.S.A: Electronic Substance Abuse’s “Eat Their Young“!

We feature artists from well known legends to hot and exciting newcomers and everything in between!

Grab a copy now, they’re available in digital, CD and even cassette formats!

Eat Their Young (Jamie’s Big Club Remix by Karkasaurus)

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Beat:Cancer Tour 2019

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Beat:Cancer Tour 2018

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Beat:Cancer Festival v1.0

2017 marked 5 years since B:C first formed and as thanks to our supporters we hosted B:C Fest v1.0, with a critically acclaimed companion CD to match.

Beat:Cancer Volume 3

Team B:C and partners AnalogueTrash went all out with the success of the 3 disc edition of B:C V2, crafting the gorgeous B:C V3


Beat:Cancer Volume 2 – Once more unto the breach

With a steadily growing fan base and the huge boost of the first club night behind us we knew we quickly regrouped and started work on B:C v2.

The reaction of artists around the world was gobsmacking, with no less than 36 tracks making it on the expanded 3 CD premium edition!

Beat:Cancer Volume 1 – The Beginning

Released 2013 this was our first foray into raising money, back when we were working in aid of Cancer Research UK. ┬áB:C v1 started of an EP collecting together remixes crafted for and by D.E.P, aka Mark ‘Mr BeatCancer’ Haigh. This quickly grew as more bands pledged their work and quickly filled two discs with 24 of the most passionate and exciting alt electronic music around.

Released Easter 2013 at the legendary Resistanz Festival B:C v1 was welcomed with open arms and hearts, quickly securing a place on shelves and top album lists for both fans and critics. Now available as digital only, this first edition sold out within a year of release!

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