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Electro Industrial project from South Wales, DrakenWerks is the vision of promoter / DJ Draken, combining catchy tunes with a unique deep whisper style vocals.

Their first professional produced album (though technically their second actual album), NO PRISONERS, gained great acclaim in 2016 upon it’s release. Produced by Gregor Beyerle of Studio Dreamcatcher, it lept straight to number 2 in the Deutsche Alternative Charts and remained in the top 10 albums for the maximum 8 weeks that an album can stay in the charts, an achievement made all the more remarkable that it was self-promoted without any labels pushing it.

As well as working in the studio, DrakenWerks can currently be seen performing live all across the UK and over the last couple of years, they have been called on to support bands such as Clan of Xymox, Mortiis, 3 Teeth, V2A, Alien Vampires, Ayria, Ashestoangels and many more.

Expect much more from this act in the years to come, with multiple new albums planned (and a rebuild of their first album) and possible tour opportunities.

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