Flesh Eating Foundation

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Flesh Eating Foundation

Flesh Eating Foundation are uncomfortable. The electro crowd aren’t sure how to dance to their music and the headbangers don’t think they are metal enough. TheĀ punks quite like them though. It has been said that they make too many weird noises and they look a bit strange. They really don’t care, they have spewed up seven-ish official releases over the last ten years or so, the latest of which is ‘We Are F**ked’, available digitally and on vinyl. You’ll also them on various compilations and Tribute albums for Coil and Ministry amongst others.

Co-founder John E Smoke is known as one of the few deaf/blind musicians working on the scene and can often be seen with his lovable noise loving guide dog JJ.

On the side they have remixed and collaborated with just about everyone who will have them and indulged themselves with their passion for experimental noise and horror. They have recently provided the score for the killer clown film ‘Crispy’s Curse’ while John E Smoke is a film maker in his own right.

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