Memmaker (DK)

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Memmaker (DK)

A sci-fi theme oriented electro-industrial project that flirts with a multitude of dance-floor electronic music styles with intensity and Orwellian robot politics in mind.

Originally from Montreal, Canada now relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark, Guillaume Nadon and Yann Faussurier (of Iszoloscope) have forged a rare and explosive compound of hard-trance, driving electro grooves, and immense industrial beats against which mankind is utterly defenseless. Limbs will be shattered and tossed like straw as the full force of their unstoppable sonic barrage is unleashed upon humanity, animating those torn and smashed extremities in a violent whirl of fists and bodies as their complete takeover of your central nervous system compels you to MOVE. Bodies will be tossed on concussive tremors of bass, and the screams of ecstasy and resignation will drown in the impossibly infectious rhythms.

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