Petrol Bastard

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Petrol Bastard

PETROL BASTARD is a 2-piece sweary electro-punk outfit from Leeds, UK.

Currently playing shows nationwide and in Europe, they have supported such legends as Kunt & The Gang, The Cheeky Girls, Sicknote, UK Subs and Anti Nowhere League.

Petrol Bastard fit with punk, metal, and rave/dance events, but anything 18+ they guarantee a great show (a VERY energetic show, and they say fuck a LOT)!


Some recent reviews / testimonials:

“Not sure if Swinefest was ready for Petrol Bastard. To tell you the truth, not sure the world is ready for Petrol Bastard. The music is the kind of demented noise techno that Alec Empire and his DHR cohorts excelled at, only ratcheted up several notches. The two bloke singers, one tall, skinny and wearing a zebra suit (yup, Zebra), the other squat, chunky and wearing primary colours, look and act like perverted cartoon characters whacked on crystal meth. The songs are peppered with references to wanking and fucking with the appropriate mimes eagerly supplied. The band aim to offend but it’s so over the top (‘Circuit Board Rammed Up My Arse’) and self depreciating (‘Petrol Bastard Are Fucking Shit’) that you just have to laugh.”
Steve Walsh (Vibrations Magazine April 2013)

“Goldie Lookin’ Beastie Pistols for 2013”
Johnny Ultraviolence (Ultraviolence)

“Petrol Bastard were thoroughly entertaining, combining comedic posturing with hard, well crafted, impactful tunes that are surprisingly accessible. There’s a buzz going around about them in the Leeds underground dance scene at the moment, and I’ve absolutely no doubt that within no time at all, their reputation will precede them far and wide.”
Fred Bloggs, Leeds radio DJ and promoter

“If laughing hysterically is the right reaction to have to Petrol Bastard then I loved it. Like a prodigy tribute done by the young ones, complete with cartoon violence and knob jokes. Like post-apocalyptic scavenger gangs as drawn by jim lee. Take them seriously at your peril.”
Doc Brown- Delorean drivers

“WTF is with this Petrol Bastard, bloody weird mate” asked [a friend] a couple of days before Nortanz. Two days later he was moshing away at the front of the crowd!!! Think punk with electro backing, vibrant, noisy, energetic and offensive, exactly what we ordered!!! A great set and one of the highlights from the Nortanz show.”
Jason Russell – Festival Promoter and Manager

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