St Lucifer

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St Lucifer

St Lucifer – A four piece electro punk hailing from Manchester who understand, but refuse to rest on the laurels of, the musical culture of their home.

 Light and shade – Heavy, yet melodic or poppiness filled with grit. The styles clash, but the whole is a cohesive primal roar of emotion and commotion. From the electro pop, synth driven “Crucible”, to the sheer unrelenting drums and riff propelled “No New Gods”, the diversity and breadth of St Lucifers catalogue shows a band for whom The Song is the driving force.

This musical prowess combined with a solid, fervent work ethic gives birth to an incendiary, immersive live experience that has won fans over at every single show.

Music Is Violence is out now on AnalogueTrash records.

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